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Paradoxale Wild
L'indicible histoire de nos sourires

Category: Solo

Cast : Nacim Battou

Digital scenography: Michaël Varlet Caillou

Musical composition : Matthieu Pernaud

Duration: 50min

Year of creation : 2017

   The first project of the AYAGHMA Company, this solo follows a commission for the Baalbeck International Festival in Lebanon alongside many artists and in particular the composer and trumpeter Ibrahim MAALOUF.


Accompanied by the scenography and the dramaturgy by his lifelong accomplice Michael "Caillou" VARLET, this solo concretizes the desire to seek, to make and to undo to find what there is beyond words, ideas, desires … Something deeper that makes us dance…


"This first creation is an opportunity to deeply question my artistic approach, my methods, my language and my choreographic writing. A solitary creation as a privileged place for experimentation and aesthetic renewal, imbued with a political and ideological dimension. ".


What makes man unhappy is to believe that man can achieve a perfect knowledge of his being and take pleasure in spiritual and intellectual inertia. Existence is a movement, a dynamic without finality. To be is to become. The necessary paradox of our deep nature creates a perpetual movement, the inexorable search for an unfulfilled balance. "PARADOXAL WILD - The unspeakable story of our smiles" goes through the beginnings of this quest.


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